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  1. To all SIDC forum members Have a good Christmas and all the very best for 2021 Lets hope its a better year all round All the very best Dave 33dne
  2. Standard flywheel just skimmed Dave 33dne
  3. Yes was a recon one already done Dave 33dne
  4. It was a shock when i first Drove it It really shook when i pulled away Was gutted at first a few weeks of frustration then bedded in but know how you feel was quite a judder. Hope you get it sorted At lowest cost to yourself Good luck Dave 33dne
  5. Hi Gazzawrx Had an excedy clutch fitted to My wrx blob. Juddered a bit bedded in after about 500 miles this sounds a lot worse maybe ring Scooby clinic see if this is how it should be. Not a mechanic so need a second option from Scooby experts All the best Dave 33dne
  6. Hi Very clean engine bay on the old one Like the new one looks great in white Enjoy. Dave ? 33dne
  7. Hi Clint Great looking classic Enjoy your Scooby Dave 33dne
  8. Hi To all sidc members and furum members Have a good Christmas and all The very best for 2020! And enjoy your scoobies Dave 33dne
  9. Hi Don Looks great nice colour Would like the key to one Dave 33dne
  10. Hi all Have a good 2019 And all the very best for the new year Dave 33dne
  11. Hi Dan No experience but they do seem to have some nice scoobys in from time to time. Hope you find a good one somewhere. Cheers Dave 33dne
  12. Hi Dan Have a look at Hurst cars of Bedfordshire. Dave 33dne
  13. To all SIDC members and all forum users have a good Christmas . And all the very best for 2018. Dave 33dne
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