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  1. But It was a standard flywheel Too ? Just been skimmed is that right ? cheers Gaz
  2. thx for ya help m8 much appreciated ?? Gaz
  3. Thx bro I’m just lost at min it’s in garage again now thinking of buying new flywheel £450 genuine but don’t know if this will work !! how bad was yours ?? Can u describe it to me plz ?
  4. Hello people I have a problem!! had new Excedy clutch Fitted and old standard flywheel skimmed now I have this bad juddering garage told me to bed clutch in by doing fast starts and slipping clutch witch I don’t agree with so they told me do 100 miles and should go witch I don’t believe too but I did this and still bad judder!! even if you sit in neutral rev it a bit and lift foot up and down on clutch pedal you can feel this horrible juddering in the pedal it’s self but put it in first gear and pull away with out gas the whole car starts to judder running out of patience with this garage now going back tomora can anyone shed any light on this plz help me out ??
  5. Hello everyone I’ve had new excedy clutch fitted and flywheel skimmed before this there was a very little judder on clutch pedal small amount nothing to really worry about but the plate next to crank seal popped open and dropped oil every where mainly on motorway on route to Nurburgring:( so had it replaced and while they was there had crank seal replaced then after back together it was still leaking oil so back to garage and I went there and see the seal they used was diff so got correct seal and watched and made sure it was fitted right in other words I fitted it coz he didn’t get it flush so I did !! back together again no leak (great) but nooooo now this juddering that was only on foot pedal before (a little bit) is juddering whole car in 1st gear and reverse and in down shifting from 3rd to 2nd but after spirited drive and nice and hot judder is worst still ??? garage said after fast starts and 100 miles later will be gone. ?? I beg to differ plz help guys this is doing me in and going back tomra kind regards Garry
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