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  1. Finally got around to framing mine and hanging it in the home office. Only took me 12 years. Who else still has theirs? Was an amazing event to be a part of. Still high my high vis vests as well.
  2. This thread seemed like the best one to say hi in that wasn't a total decade old necro. Miss all you muppets and the daft times we had.
  3. I disappear into Azeroth and New Eden for a year and you actually threaten to put your car on the road. Thats just not on! Damn a lot has changed around here... lol Anyways looking good mate. Hope to see her some day.
  4. Got a new clutch sorted after talking to the guys at AWD. Picked it up saturday and dropped it off at the garage this morning so hopefully it should be fitted soon and i'll be back on the road. thanks for the advice folks both in thread and pm.
  5. Hello again all. Looks like im going to be missing yet another monthly meet due to the car being off the road. Last night while driving home from work I somehow managed to make my clutch explode. The bite point droped to the floor for 2 gear changes and it went boom on the 3rd change when i downshifted aproaching a roundabout. Managed to coast it off the road so at least i didnt block rush hour. Funilly enough I now need a new clutch so can anyone recommend one for a MY00 UK car that can take a bit of punishment? The car is still the 5 speed box and currently has 310 BHP but if possible i would like to upgrade the clutch beyond the current the power requirements incase i do more upgrades at a later date (ie when money isnt so tight) but time and cost are currently limiting factors so if thats not possible so be it. Links to what i need would be appreciated as the amount of clutches and kits available are confusing me right now. (still to get my head round the car having another break down) Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes Dale he can get a little bit agitated at times with one of our more senior (by age) members of staff who is very good at ignoring everything you say and telling you to do it her way anyway. Strangely enough ignoring her takes years of training. Peter with you mate i just assume that its still a work in progress. And grant one mapped car sitting outside at a time is enough for me. two is just greedy even if one is a banana! (which i will be needing to have a look at)
  7. woops! has it been that long. wow + eve plus 3 month project at work = my life is chaos and my membership has expired! must fix this. when's the next meet? And yes Dale our mutual friend did mention your meeting. He's sitting beside me now rather stressed while i thought i'd check the forums for a break! Anyways how is eveyone? Lots to catch up on.
  8. yeah we noticed but thats for shouting it out again for us all it is crappy news and one wonders about the future of the sport in general now and not just next season.
  9. why oh why did they have to pick my car..... nice to see we got a mention seeing as there was a lot of santa stories on.
  10. all you need to do now is take it to andy and you'll have it reading even more boost. nice one mate. wish i could justify guages but body work first.
  11. I'm afraid his vehicle is rather larger than a scooby and floats mate. judging by the post time i'd say he was rather sloshed at the wheel as well lol
  12. well after the elation that was a 6 goal thriller last night i was looking forward to the draw for the next round today... and kilmarnock will play... celtic. that brought me back down with a thump. oh well at least the season looks like it could be ok overall so far.
  13. well thats the seller removed the item from sale. as long as they don't put any more up now...
  14. looks like the seller has been careful to avoide copyright issues. ie. lanark to babury instead of prodrive. could subaru get them on the star logo? dangerous road to go down mind you as quite a few of us have stickered up replica cars bearing the same logo.
  15. ed you may wish to edit your post to remove the quoted key as well mate. website i used to help out a lot years ago for dedicated pc help is called houseofhelp. there forums are great and the mods dont mind answering the same question a million times.
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