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Two special cars Greersport used to look after

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I came up against the Skyline in my first scoob at Crail, a long long time ago...i remember changing into 3rd and he was already across the line and nearly back in the queue! the only things that could keep up were the bikes. It was running mid 10's in those days.

Both cars were owned by a computer programmer, (worked on grand theft auto) cant remember his name but he lived in Tayport next to Tay Bridge...i think! also had a ferrari 355.


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Founder of DMA who made the GTA games. The company later changed name and became Rockstar North.

He now works with a company called Real Time Worlds based in Dundee who as far as I can remember have delivered hee haw games wise so far. But they have names with much clout.

So to wrap up - he's had some great cars and he made one of the finest games ever. Top bloke.

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Dave has been to many an SIDC track event over the past 8 years. When he first owned the Skyline he took it out on two of our track events. Had brake problems first time out, so massive APs were fitted for the next outing. After that, it was mostly used for darg type events.

Dave was at one of our events earlier this year in his stunning Porsche GT2.


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Davey used to also own the  Carbon bodied "Escort" Cosworth that Sue Collins Built, Iain Gardener's old RS500 race car (the only one that beat Paul Bailey's RS2000/RS500 incarnation - I later bought the Sierra from Davey with a good few bits missing), the Diablo/Ferrari/911 GT2 (993?), amongst the many others. Bill Greer once told me how he once took a photo of the car collection, and had to take several shots to get them all in. Oh yes, I think he had some really trick superbikes with really Gucci bits on them - a VFR750 RC45 seems to ring a bell.

Wish I'd tried a bit harder when computers first came out instead of dodging round a field in a clapped out beetle!!!

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