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Blobeye wrx wagon gearbox help

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Hi all

I've got a TY754VN5AA gearbox in my wrx and I'm looking at swapping the box for another one as got issues with the box and need to do the seal & covers. I'm after another box that I can bolt on without changing any shafts or parts. Does anyone know if the TY754VN4AA or TY754VN6AA boxes will be a direct swap, and if there's any difference between them



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AFAIK the last number/letter combo is like a year marker and any minor part changes.

MY01/02 =*2AA

MY03 = *4AA

MY04 = *5AA

MY05 = *6AA

As long as the "TY75VN" is the same it should have the same ratios and drop down gearing to suit UK/Europe diffs.

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