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Tyre Fitting/supply

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To be honest my tyres are well past their sell by date but only on the outer edge. Currently running Michelin Pilot Sport which has been a good tyre but I reckon the alignment is out so I would like to get the car laser aligned when the new tyres are fitted. The tyres in questions im looking for are the Toyo Proxes T1-R. I've found them on camskill for £83 a corner but will to pay a little more due to delivery charges and fitting.

So im asking where you guys go for tyres and laser alignment. All comments welcome as I need them done ASAP.

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Thanks mate. Do you know if they normally have them in stock?

Generally keep a decent stock of all tyre manufacturers and sizes but give Craig Crozby the owner a call on 01324 630060 and he will advise


as for alignment and geometry I'd get it booked into Progrip or Hypertech just along the road from Falkirk in Bonnybridge. Will set you back £50-55 for the full set up but it WILL be done properly and you can even request a different setting ie Fast Road :(

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