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Pistonheads East Anglian Autumn Run

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Cool pix :lol:

Not sure what happened in the afternoon. Bit of a f**K up by all accounts. Hope no one got too lost and that you all enjoyed the day :P



I sure enjoyed it! Sorry I couldn't stay all day though......

Those tiny 'B' roads were great :P Got to meet some nice, friendly people too.

Thanks for your hard efforts Mark, it was well worth it! :lol: Besides, getting lost as part of a convoy is quite normal if people get split up. The fun part is trying to catch up :D

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Yep, thanks again to Mark for organizing this.

I managed to complete the whole of the afternoon leg (along with the M3 following) but people did seem to going in all directions! Luckily I had a good navigator :lol:

Some nice cars out too - it's good to mix it up occassionally :D

Dibs :lol:

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