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My Sti Cutting Out Can Anyone Help

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hi everyone new to this site i have just recently bought myself a 93 subaru impeza sti

not sure exact spec ect but was told its an ra the engine has the 5 th injector on it if that helps

right the problem im getting is when i put the foot down and doing a good speed it just cuts out for a second then comes back to life again

so if anyone can help me out here would be great

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Certainly sounds like it "D". I would be trying to find out if the car has been mapped.

I would defo look into getting it mapped to run on UK fuel if its not already, might be worth having a look at these >>>>> Correct connection of boost system ( look at the 3 port one ) ................Boost issues on Scoobypedia, on top of this I would have a look at the pipe that goes from your boost solenoid to the intake resinator box and ensure it is fitted, it is very common for it to brake off also ensure that this pipe has a restrictor pill fitted in it.

Cheers Iain

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You haven't changed or topped up the oil recently have you?

Too much oil can cause vapour to get into the boost solenoid. Mine did this when I bought it, garage did an oil change before I got it and put in maybe half a litre too much. When accelerating hard, when it cut out it was like hitting a wall, then it would quickly clear and it was fine then.

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been imported years ago alwys ran on high octain fuel its running at 0.7 boost

You are underboosting then mate, you should see approx 0.9 to 1.0 BAR, have you looked at the ECU fault codes to see if there is anything obvious that has been flagged up, if you look in the tech section the is a 'how to' section with instructions on how to do this :D

Cheers Iain

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only coming up with an engine coolant temp sensor fault

That can cause running issues mate, try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins or so to clear the fault and see if that fault returns after driving the car.

Out of interest are rad fans always on even when the engine is cold?

Cheers Iain

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no they only come on when hot i have disconected the battery a few times to try clear it but this fault always appears back up

checked the coils yesterday and 3 of them are cracked gutted would this be causing it do u think

It is possible that you could have faulty coils but I could not say for certain, the temp sensor will defo cause running issues though if it is faulty which it appears to be.

Cheers Iain

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