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Recommend Me A Ss Manifold?

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Who do you recommend for an upgrade stainless manifold, equal, unequal with up pipe? In other words, has 3 bolt turbo connection, does not require 'trimming' the cross member, takes the standard Lambda probe, blah de blah? Lots around, all varying in price :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance.

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How much HP are you looking for?

In all honesty I'm not target hunting as it's more a case of improvement over stock on a daily driver. Some of the examples given so far are to be expected (thanks chaps for your input :rolleyes: ). Being in the region of £550+, is still cheaper than a proper turbo upgrade - and I can at least get the gases flowing a little better all round.

I see Milsport's manifold appears tempting at £400. Any other ideas anyone?

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