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Fitting Struts

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If you are fitting them as they are ie with springs fitted, then is a straight forward exchange for your own if the springs are to be changed then is slightly more difficult and time consuming.

To just change the struts complete, remove 2 x 19mm bolts at the bottom, brake pipe and abs sensor wire then the 3 small nuts at the top and it will come off , but sometimes the bottom 2 can be a pain to remove and remember to mark the these bolts and get them back to as close as possible they affect the tracking/alignment which you should really have done after it anyway

So get you spanners out and get to it :thumbup:

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Ta Frank have sourced the place in Edinburgh for that too :o

CLCM per chance ?? I've been there a couple of times but wasn't impressed the last time though. I asked for fast road settings and he gave me uk turbo standard settings.. hence, that's why i'll be going through to Progrip the next time :thumbup:

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Ta Frank have sourced the place in Edinburgh for that too :thumbup:

hi cathy ,the spring platform at the rear struts can be different on the wagon so watch out, compare the rears together and see if the spring platform are the same height ie measure from bolt hole at the top to platform if same thats ok kiddo

cheers geo

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Hi all :thumbup: thanks for all your advice re fitting these, thats them on now and wow what a difference :lol: so booked in on saturday (Pro Grip and BobbyC for coffee LOL) for geometry set up, I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to do them all myself (had to get some help from my friend) due to being really busy at work but must admit they were quite straight forward,


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