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hi guys after some advice . i have a uk 2000 turbo impreza. when the car is building up revs and boost the thing stops reving and hessitates and sometimes get a bit poping and banging no idea whats causing it any ideas or help would be great

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If you can, read the ECU codes as described earlier by Dale aka 'The Fast One', the car should tell you what is wrong with it :)

Two of the most likely causes have been described already the coil pack and the o2/lambda sensor, if the check engine light comes on with this hesitation it could also be the knock sensor or the MAF sensor.

Cheers Iain

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Guest greegsy

My old car - MY99 turbo had similar symptoms and it was the boost solenoid, removed and cleaned out with carb cleaner then refitted. 10 minute job and car ran sweet again after that. Possible cause maybe?


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Clearly your celebrity status hasnt travelled that far DALE

Maybe stick your actual name in your sig or have your username as your actual name? Wild i know!

I have modified my original post so that it now states you name Dale, I am sorry if I offended you in any way :)

Cheers Iain

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lol no, i just think that its funny, thats all... just the different ways that people write it, sometimes its not like your talking about a person...

theres CERTAINLY no offence in any direction... :)

Thats ok then, I didnt want to jump in repeating something that you had already put up in this post (the ecu fault reading bit) so I though it best to quote you instead ;)

Cheers Iain

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tonight i reset the ecu and took her for a spin came back with maf sensor fault. new one must be fault 2 so if anyone has a green label maf let me know or can point me in right direction.

anyone know how much these are new?

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