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  1. Looking good Kim, will inspect at the weekend ours is clean but the rains bouncing off the road up here so don't think it's going to be too pretty this time tomorrow
  2. Really sad news, thoughts go out to Sharon & the family, Kev was a true gent Debbie & Paul
  3. There's an 0 ring on the bottom which fail every now & again
  4. Sad news indeed but bear in mind the hatch was launched in 2008 at 25k then 36k earlier this year for the same car, difficult to justify in the current financial climate, 2.5 had a known engine issue Subaru said remap would fix it, it didn't & the customer was left to pick up the tab Don't get me wrong I love our hatch but a little peeved we have had to pay for an engine rebuild due to a known fault Subaru didn't fix under warranty Anyway it's a really sad day & hope the Impreza makes a return in years to come
  5. Worth checking the hose to the intercooler as well they are prone to splitting
  6. Very sad news, our best wishes to Greg & Alison Deb & Paul
  7. Turn it over quick February's a good month.....................but I would say that
  8. Remember ou meet for lunch at the AGM many moons ago, nice spec on the Wagon all the best for the tuture
  9. Don't know about your Legacy but P1 is definitely hydraulic
  10. Got a similar turbo on ours supplied by Harvey Smith, would recomend Bosch fuel pump instaed af Walbro, similar price as well, injectors as mentioned, would also be benefit from a front mounted intercooler, what exhaust are you running?
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