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  1. Very very nice, although I need to stop lurking here - bloody BIG itch for another Impreza, especially a late Blob or Hawkeye...
  2. If you don't really want a real Prodrive Style - batter in as it isn't one (hate theses people who say Prodrive just because it has the sticker). Depends what you are really after mate - do you want the rarity/looks of the Prodrive Style, or would the run of the mill STi suffice your needs?
  3. Seriously mate, be very choosy - take your time. If possible buy from a fellow member - trace the history etc. Also double check your insurer doesn't insist on Tracker, so you can factor the subscription in. If you need any help, I'm sure most on here would assist if they could (even me, a scoobyless member). Again, a Prodrive Bug should be in your thoughts, they also seem to hold their cash better too. Charlie p.s I am now looking at STi's again, never mind the E320cdi I was after lol
  4. It was indeed Jens, then I added a few mre bits and another vist to Andy Forrest. No Scoob since I sold that one, got a ST220 Estate that is possibly sold too - would love another, really miss the power/handling - but there seem to be a good few bins out there. Even the Mrs misses the Scooby - never thought that would happen.
  5. There are different versions of the Bugeye carrying the name Prodrive. First is the Prodrive Style (as stated on the V5) Nicer Front Bumper, Blobeye STi style sideskirts, Blue Dials etc My old one....(note the sideskirts/front bumper/dials - the front lights are not standard on any Bugeye btw) Then there is Prodrive Performance Package (PPP) Upgraded ECU Sports Cat High Capacity Fuel Pump There should be a certificate from Prodrive stating fitment also - but nothing noted on the V5. Personally I would rather have a Prodrive Style STi over normal STi any day of the week purely for looks, but the decision is yours.
  6. Thats not a Prodrive - wrong sideskirts. I agree with most here, get a STI - you will probably regret a WRX the first time a STi shows you up. If you can, get a PPP - 305bhp. Then it will be a slippery slope to Andy Forrest. Good luck!
  7. Been loking at Impreza's myself again, miss my last STi They seem to have taken a hit since I last had one, and don't take offence but I think your looking at between low 6k to 6.5k mark IF you can find a buyer. There is a Blob STi on eBay sitting at £6.5k as a classified ad with slightly lower miles - that should give an idea. The extras, hmmmm either sell them and put it back to original if you can or take a hit on them as they more often than not make little difference in my experiance to the price - just make the car more desirable to the right person. Good luck!
  8. Yes mate, wasn't planned - but gone now. Going discrete now, will be back in classic form too though at some point (as a weekend toy). For now, something that doesn't crash over potholes and I can park without paranoia......
  9. Bellshill has none. Game mine a final splash of Tesco 99 before it left with a new owner all the way to Felixstowe......
  10. Slightly off topic, but with the shortage af v-power - could Morrisons E85 safely be used on a car mapped for v-power?
  11. Got to agree, not as if Google Maps are so advanced you can type "find me a Subaru in Lanarkshire" and boom it's my driveway. Yet
  12. Not good Kenny! I am thinking (yes again) of moving on, Mrs wants practicality (aka X5) - touch wood I havn't had much hassle from the Plod in both Impreza's - but I know folk who get hounded.
  13. Airdrie area Kenny? Some "normal" police are quite funny when they pull you, especially trying to preach Traffic Law only to be tripped up or belittled due to lack of knowledge. Like the complete prat that had a go at me in the new Tesco at Bellshill for dropping the Mrs off just outside the FULL drop-off point a month or so back in the freezing fog at 19:00 on a Saturday night. Let him have his say (with attitude I may add), flex his welks to the rookie in the passenger seat, before I pointed out it may be a good idea for him to switch his headlights on in such conditions before driving through a carpark and having a go at me for momenterily stopping to drop someone off!! And some people wonder why people have a lack of respect for them at times.......
  14. Not good Kenny. I better watch out.......
  15. Why oh why........ Sat Nav will get the blame as usual
  16. Refurbishing Calipers??? Who? much? can you do Brembo's? Thank you kindly
  17. I got the deal BOB'5 was doing, excellent brakes so far (Brake Tech discs with Kevlar pads). Just bedded in, very worthwhile upgrade.....
  18. I got a set of the Brake Tech Discs (Fast Road Kevlar Pads) for my 02STi with Brembo's for £172 delivered next day from Aztec Performance. Fitting them tomorrow, but the quality looks well up there. They seem to get good reviews on Scoobynet etc Worth a shout......
  19. Read it somewhere on Scoobynet I'm sure.... Got me worried to be honest, but I'm a rebel
  20. Next they'll be telling us it's ilegal to decat.....
  21. How did you get on mate? When am I getting to compare the difference
  22. To be honest, I couldn't understand a word........just nodded and politely thanked him
  23. Just buy a MD321T and sell me your 20G? Then you will get over 400.
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