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2007 hawkeye WRX STI uk Impreza

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My Impreza has just had its MOT that required a new exhaust rear box (Subaru standard STI box) because of corrosion and the dealership that fitted it stated that the rest of the system might not get through next years MOT although it was not mentioned as an advisory on this years.

Has anybody been able to change their exhaust with a standard Subaru exhaust as they appear to be very hard to get hold of or is a custom made stainless system my only option ? If custom is my only option ,is there any recommendations as to where I can get one from (I live near Cambridge ).




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Below are the latest Subaru WRXSTI MY06/07 part numbers for the centre pipe (cat back) and muffler. (muffler also listed under 44300FE370)

Screenshot 2024-04-08 154408.jpg assembly

Have you asked a UK Dealer??

Partsoug doesn't hold stock

Amayama (Japan) appear to be able to supply, although shipping expensive


Cobra exhausts, seem only to supply from 2008 onwards for WRX and STI version


Scorpion Exhausts only list the 2nd cat replacement pipe


Hayward & Scott, still list all Subaru items.


Scoobyworld seem to list various items from various Manufacturers but whether they are still available is questionable, (Milltek only list the SSXSB012 for the 2.0L -2001-2005)




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