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Hawkeye sti jdm wagon....????is this a thing

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Subaru never officially produced a Hawkeye Sports Wagon STI, so as you mentioned, it's indeed a JDM Hawkeye Sports Wagon WRX with STI badges and decals (Revision G, 5-Speed Manual - https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?)

The closest thing ever officially produced to a Hawkeye Sports Wagon STI in terms of both performance and cosmetics would be either a Prodrive GB270 Sports Wagon





or a Bugeye Sports Wagon STI



Revision A - https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?id=220

Revision B - https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?id=219


If I remember correctly, I saw that exact Hawkeye Sports Wagon WRX you posted in the link, for sale in 2020 on Quay Vehicle Solutions official website for around £8,995. I believe QVS originally imported it, a lot of their vehicles were originally registered on CF plates (Cardiff).

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Thanks mate Yep i found that original ad too. I informed garage not an STI and i was interested as looks a nice motor but no where near at that price lol.

Ive been looking for the right car for a year now lol. Its all the same overpriced stuff being listed again and again.....and im tight. lol

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