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new boot ight fitted

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done this afternoon, ready or NBO.

dead easy too fit, used three o the 5050smd strip lighs, double sided tape stuck them to the plastic trim of the roof/boot area, took a power feed from the boot light. so easy to do.

what you think?





I picked green as it gives a good bright light, i also had a green side light bulb i could then fit in the original boot light, that just finished it off.

It also shows you what can be done with the 5050smd strips


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That's neat! Green wouldn't have been my first choice of colour but it works really well there with the white car :icon_salut:

My contribution to the interior modd lighting was red cathode tubes in the footwells, had a few left over from my PC case modding days.. Also put a couple of white ones in the boot to brighten it up.. But they are delicate and I've booted them a few too many times so need replacing with LED Strips.. Already got LED's in various places on the car so a few more can't hurt ;)


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nice Al, looks like the devils own footwell :D

Works Surprisingly well.. It's tagged onto the center roof light circuit so fades gently when the doors close. Also when the doors are open it lights up part on the road next to the car due to where the lights are located girl_devil.gif

you coming through to Alford on the 10th?

Thinking about it... if the weather looks semi-decent and I'm feelin' up to it I'll try get through :thumbup:

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