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Fao Iain

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Hey Iain found the knocking noise in my car

It was the wheel lower down from alternator it wasnt loose the other day. But it is loose now

Actually so loose it has come off, its leant against the fan at the moment. Car is at work and ill probably have to leave it.

I sat at work blipping the accelerator and it was rattling really bad then went quiet.

will it damage anything.



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Get this up in technical mate... you may get a faster response as Iain's off getting his tyres.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha well if i dont laugh ill cry

Its the mm front pulley wheel attaching to the alternator/powersterring pump its mm kind of sheered off

In fact it was lucky it came off at work at 2000 revs and not on the bypass 20mins earlier at a 70/80 speed

AA rekons the crank cambelt was saved but pulley wheel thing and the bit its bolted into look messy and will need replacing The bolt holding it on doesnt sit in the threads tightly.

Ill get some pics up tonight after i have 'walked' home

Sigh i just got over the shock of having my PC hacked into not this lol


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