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Fmic Water Spray

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Hello, i have fitted a water spray to my front mount intercooler on my classic, its all come out of a newer shape spec c sti, which included, bottle, pipes and switches then only thing it didnt have was the nozzles, any way my problem is the water keeps sifening from the bottle after use, i have used three different types of devices in the water line, non return valves and an anti sifen device etc etc, but non of which has worked, i am aware that as standard these would have been fitted to the top mount but was there any extra device fitted somewhere to prevent the sifening, any help would be appreciated. The bottle is in the boot, so the nozzels are lower, if this makes any difference.


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Not being funny but are the non-return valves fitted in the right direction- if not the water will drain out due to the nozzles being lower.

Hi, i have tried all three devices both directions just to be sure, it has arrows marked in the water flow direction, but i tried it back to front just out of curiosity, the other device i used is a non return valve for windscreen washer lines to prevent the water from draining back to the tank, it just has a small ball bearing type thing inside a case which gets forced out the way when water comes through, but im guessing that the sifening effect im having is creating too much pressure for the valve to shut again.

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