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Went A Wee Sunday Run

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went a wee sunday run today no were too exciting but it was an excellent day for it. up to the top of the rest for a roll from the wee man with the food van and whilst taking in the scenery the local constabulary pit stopped to have a wee blether with us out of all the people their. once they left we carried onto luss but it was well busy so went to balloch for a icecrem then back home.

anyone else go a :D or anything with their day.

here's a pic managed to miss the big ugly scar on the hill from the landslide.

can anyone photoshop the gate/fence out infont of the cars if you can be bothered :P

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a went to knockhill today was a dead nice day tho not much to see up there today been to better, ma brother scarying me in his Evo 8 was another story lol am a bad passenger :lol: was up balloch way yesterday had the coulport road to myself both ways that was :P ended up in Helensburgh having a chippy

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