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Eagle F1's

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Am looking to replace the tyre on the STi with eagle F1's. Undecided with regards of GSD3's or the asymetrics. Are the asymetrics any better than the D3's?

I've always been a fan of GSD3's, can't beat them in the wet. Never tried asymetrics but peeps that have swear by them.

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Strange how things happen.

I have F1 asys on mine and like them, good all round I'd say.

Last night I was asked by a fellow member to compare handling, 05STi vs RB320. Very different characteristics, only comparing on two linked roundabouts. The RB feels very loose, understeer coming at 40mph, enough to make you lift, then snap oversteer. The STi on the other hand began very slight understeer at near to 50mph and to get oversteer you had to aggresively lift off and provoke the rear. STi on F1s, RB on Falkens. It was dry.

At the moment I'm not saying this is down just to tyres, however as far as we know, both cars have the standard suspension from the factory, neither has any apparent faults with suspension. To further confirm this, next week the STi wheels are going onto the RB and we'll get a better idea! Watch this space.....

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Ooh...that comparison is moot! I just changed from Falkens after crashing due to them being extremely slippy at 30mph on roundabouts....F1's back on and it feels like a Subaru again. GDS3 are getting hard to come by - got my 2 rears for £150 fitted :D.

Assys or GDS3, which did you get?

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lol What a time for a post!

Barry's post above is a perfect description of the handling of the different cars/tyre combo.

It's amazing how rubbish a car feels with bad boots,

I say this with all honesty, i can go into and back out of a corner faster in the VW Touran than i can with the RB....... i thought i was going nuts :)

BIG :boldblue: for last night, that will be :D:P i owe you now Baz

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I have the same on my RB320 and have to say i'm pleased with them. RB320 comes with Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs so not the same as the STi.

Wasn't implying both have same suspension, just that they haven't been altered with aftermarket stuff by us. Yet! :D

The RB is much softer than my STi.

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