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Well I Managed To Break The Car Again...

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Hello again all. Looks like im going to be missing yet another monthly meet due to the car being off the road.

Last night while driving home from work I somehow managed to make my clutch explode. The bite point droped to the floor for 2 gear changes and it went boom on the 3rd change when i downshifted aproaching a roundabout. Managed to coast it off the road so at least i didnt block rush hour.

Funilly enough I now need a new clutch so can anyone recommend one for a MY00 UK car that can take a bit of punishment? The car is still the 5 speed box and currently has 310 BHP but if possible i would like to upgrade the clutch beyond the current the power requirements incase i do more upgrades at a later date (ie when money isnt so tight) but time and cost are currently limiting factors so if thats not possible so be it.

Links to what i need would be appreciated as the amount of clutches and kits available are confusing me right now. (still to get my head round the car having another break down)

Thanks in advance.

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