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Is Everyone Looking Forward To......

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Its all just a joke time some of the giants that make billions of pounds of profit every year gave even just a little back to loyal customers....barrels you say, yes its us lot that they have got bent over a barrel!!!! ive heard the words scooby,conversion,lpg mentioned a few times recently by a couple of mates is it any wonder :)

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Based on 93p per litre...


Basic Break down, its a little out of date, but if you add on another couple of pence to the duty, it shouldn't be so far off.... just shows how much your being raped by the Gov... taxed twice on the same product, how can that possibly be legal...?

and in fact, you pay more tax than you do for the product itself...

in that model, 66p in tax, Vs. 26p for the product...

I mean, really?

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Aye, its a bloody disgrace! This isnt the best bit, its going to go up another 2.5% when they put VAT back up to 17.5% so your 111p a litre is going to hit 114p!!

Bring on another protest and blockade, if only I had an HGV or a Tractor or something!

That ****er darling makes hitler look like mary bloody poppins!!

and breathe.....

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