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call into Halleys Garage Ltd Glasgow Road Milngavie

For some parts off a 07 STI

they would not even look for parts unless i gave them a reg from a 07 STI

as i have a WRX there was no way i could

so they just looked and said no reg no parts

lost my cool :P

now have ordered and recived gen subaru parts cheper from the USA

how can that make sense :boldblue:

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Numpties the lot of them, I would not step foot in that dealership.

Tried to say that my prodrive springs were not prodrive as they were red instead of blue (trying to get out of warranty work), they didnt even bat an eyelid when I informed them that blue ones were for WRX's and red ones were for STI's. O

n top of that still no appology after I informed them that I actually purchased the springs from them.

Halleys = total waste of time (and they wont give a club discount)

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Yeah, I called up looking for bolts to hold the seat frames in place and they asked for a reg no. I said, look, they are standard bits across the range, jsut look up ANY WRX in an 06. They hummed and hawed about it and said well we can't exchange the parts if they don't fit. At a whole £5 I said I think I could just about cope with that. Took then well over three weeks to get them, pants!

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I had popped in to get a bracket for an TMIC....turns out I didn't need it!! :boldblue:

I had the same issue with needing a VRM.

It was only afterwards that I wish I had just gone up to their forecourt and got a VRM from one of their

own cars!!!

Oh man i nearly pissed myself laughin there that is exactly what i did when in milngavie when i ordered a couple of parts from them i couldnt get hold of!! i went up the stairs and out the front where there were a couple of blobeyes and returned with great glee they dont even know what plates they have sitting on their own forecourt for sale!!!! :P see ford have moved in there now too

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