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Another "just Back From Af's" Post

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Got my hawkeye mapped today for the first time using the Ecutek.

Really impressed with the Ecutek and Andy, car feels a lot quicker and more useable now.

Car made 330BHP and i think it was something like 360 odd ftlb or torque. Pretty good considering I still have the standard downpipe in the exhaust system.

So I'm kicking myself that i didn't get that done before i went but i'll get one fitted and pop back over for a re-map when the update becomes available so that the uk/euro hawkeyes can get the proper switchable anti lag and launch control!! ;) Hopefully that'll be soon!

Still gotta get my petrol leak sorted thought!!


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Nice one Stoo. It certainly makes a difference to the car eh!

Would also be interested in hearing about switchable anti-lag and launch control.. What have you heard about it?


Andy says they have been developing it for a while. It is already available for the US market. I hope its out soon cause that would be awesome to have on the car. Andy also said that it would be proper anti lag, nothing like what he can put on the now.


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