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Hey guys looking for some advice on a WR1.

I am looking at getting one of these in the near future, I would be more than happy with the power 315bhp but from a few reviews I have read the car is pretty understeery.

Has anyone owned/driven one? what are your views? (I have had a turbo 2000 and wrx-s hatchback)

What could be done to improve on handling?

thanks in advance.

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Evo's are known for oversteer, scooby's are known for under. Uprating anti-roll bars and bushes, replacing standard or prodrive suspension with coilovers to help sort the understeer out. Having the geometry set for the driving style you wish to use the car for.

It's not dramatic understeer like putting 300hp through a front wheel drive, its more at "that point" of hard driving.

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