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Engine Wont Separate From Gearbox

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On the passenger side of the box. You need a 10mm allen key to remove this cap. Then you need to find a M4 or M6, not sure which, bolt to thread into the pin. You can see the end of the pin and the threads here. You should be able to slide this out by pulling on it, jiggling the clutch fork should help free it.

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On the passenger side of the gearbox right next to where the starter is mounted there is a round plug with a 10mm (i think) allan key drive in the centre of it, if you remove that this will expose the pin, the pin has a threaded hole down its centre, if you remove one of the battery clamp rods you can screw the rod into the pin and withdraw it, then lift the clutch lever out of the gearbox bell housing, it wont come out through the top but move it up out the way if you get my meaning.

Cheers Iain

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HAHA great minds...the easiest way to re-assemble is to mount the thrust bearing on the gearbox as it was before the pin was removed. Do up the allen 10mm then when you have a couple of bolts in grab the clutch fork and pull it towards the rear of the car. You should feel a click meaning the thrust bearing is attached to the pressure plate as it was before removal.

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