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Todays Problem Fuel Cut

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I had my car mapped about 2 weeks ago by Mr F.

It made 330/321 on a VF23 with FMIC, Apexi induction kit and Walbro fuel pump

It has been going great and today when overtaking a granny im half way past and BANG car totally loses power like hitting the brakes pretty hard.

Only seems to happen when im accelerating hard and the car hits 4000rpm. If i accelerate gradually past this rev range it does not fuel cut.

It does not cut out just loses alot of power and then i let off put my foot down again and it did it again.

I have a full tank of fuel

What causes fuel cut? Any other tips as it could be pretty dangerous as im sure you would imagine when your half way past a car and you lose all power

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Injectors clogged!? Need new Fuel filter!? Doubt the fuel pump is a problem, your clearly getting fuel through. Noticed any leaks!?

When planting the foot, does it missfire or just cut power at 4000rpm!?

Could be a hose popped off, I'd have a good look under the bonnet for anything untoward.

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Fuel cut is commonly caused by overboost which is picked up by your MAP sensor, just a thought but it could be what ever your boost is set to it is too close to your overboost trigger, when you accelerate from 3000/4000 rpm in 4th and 5th the car is more likely to boost spike causing an overboost situation.

Cheers Iain

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