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Carbon Fibre

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hi folks, just thought id ask a question. ive had a carbon fibre boot and spoiler on my car now for over 2 years, and have noticed over the last month or so the bootlid has started to loose its laquery fininsh, whereas the spoiler still looks as good as new, now i know that the 2 items are made from different companies, and that the building process is different, but i use the same cleaning products on them, and i just thought id ask if any of you know of a way of getting its gloss back with out relaquering it. i must also add that i have not polished it , just used a little quick detailing spray on it. thanks for any advice given... rich....

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best and only way is to rub it back and re-laquer it.

you will have to rub all laquer off first with some good "high grade paper".

not wet and dry,or shop brought sandpaper,it will damage the carbon and the weave....!!!!!

if you need some i got a couple spare,i'll send you some..

if you have a local bodyshop they might give you a bit.

cheers chris

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