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Snowy On Exmoor

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Thanks, it's coming along.

Just got rid of the awful Durun tyres that were fitted, they tramlined all over the shop.

I tried higher pressures, lower pressures, different camber, toe but it only ever marginally improved things.

4 GoodYear F1 Eagles later the car is transformed, my own fault for being cheap in the first place.

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WOW, is that up on top past Porlock Hill??

And as for your avitar PLEEEASSEEE dont say you have bought a Ducrapi desmodecici!! :P

Very near to Porlock hill, just over a bit on top of Dunkery Beacon. I struggled to get up there, if it had been Porlock hill the car would probably be in a pile at the bottom.

Wouldn't mind one but a bit pricey for my pocket, the new R1 looks like more my cup of tea.

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We may be staying at the Rockford Inn in Exmoor this weekend.. hope it will be snowy.

You never know, I was on my way to get some new hoops in Taunton and tried a short cut, I never expected things to be so white and slippy.

Hope you have a great weekend, you're quite close to Watermeet there so it may be worth a visit to see the river raging down the Gorge.

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