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Ohhhh No Broken Scooby!

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:banana: my scooby is broken!!! popped a headgasket!! noooottttt good! oh well back to the workshop!! engine is out and in a thousand pieces now!! :rolleyes: uprated rods, pistons, composite head gaskets, change hydraulic lifters for solids, stainless manifolds, ali rad and a set of samcos i think :banana: and tidy up the engine!!! does anyone know where the cheapest place to get a set of samcos is? or does anybody have a set for sale or stainless un - equal length manifolds and up pipe? hoses can be other makes as long as they are blue!! want to get it back on the road as quick as poss!! :occasion14:


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Ouch! You sound like you know what you're doing though so I'm sure she's in good hands!

Givus a shout if you want a thermos brought round or spanners passing, I'm in Witney too and wouldn't mind seeing how to get around the insides of a boxer engine!

cheers!! ouch indeed, stranded in Bampton at about midnight was the worst part! lol! :rolleyes: engine stripped down now as far as needed, i am sending the block away tomorrow to have mains, rods etc put in by a chap over by bicester who does alot of rally stuff as he can get the parts cheaper than i can. so he may as well do it as im strapped for time! but when i get it back your more than welcome to come and have a look and a poke around!! :occasion14: lol!


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