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  1. I can hardly call Smileys opinions SILLY, he was merely raising questions and hoping for an honest response from the NEW COMMITTEE. Was their in-fighting......??? I dont think so as stated airing opinions whats wrong with that... I see it as if the committee dont like it then they will lock it New Committee rules I guess... Kaz
  2. Sorry but its funny when things kick off on the forum theres alway someone north of the border stiring...... I am Karyn and I am outta of here!
  3. Hmmmm Chris! Ok one day maybe just one day you mght be FIRED! Maybe you will be negative about things!
  4. Rob I wanted to post in General because most of the X members I know look in here! as they are now just forum members now. I wanted to say my piece thats all, you all said your peice when you all wanted a re shuffle etc etc Whats done is done and I wish all new committee members good luck! Kaz
  5. The former Chairman was the one that told me that the vote would be split 3 ways!!! I have accepted it hence why I am saying goodbye.. As for handing over duties...............NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME YET AND THE NEW MEMBERSHIP SECRETARIES HAVENT EVEN BEEN ON YET!!!! Everything is in the boxs ready to be collected!! Kaz
  6. Firstly I’d like to pass on my congratulations to Rob (Sti Pretender) on becoming the new club Chairman. I also like to offer my congratulations to Glyn and Dale for taking the role of Membership Secretary, amongst others!!! Commiserations to Kim who I’m sure is very disappointed not to be taking the club on as Chairperson. I am not going to sit here and pretend I’m happy about the way the club has gone about things!! To start with, putting it politely, I am really hacked off that the role of Membership Secretary has been seemingly pulled from under my feet. Unlike the Chairman who wanted to stand down along with the Treasurer, and Club Secretary, Event co-ordinator, Regional organiser co-ordinator etc, I was happy to continue in my role as I have done for the last 6 years!! As I have said before, not content with just having one role each on the committee, Glyn and Dale have managed to secure 3, that of Membership secretary, Club secretary and Regional organiser co-ordinator. How this is a fair system when it comes to club decisions is beyond me! Do they vote 3 times for things or 3 times each or maybe only twice? Maybe it should be only once as they have been considered as one person for the vote against me despite me being told at the beginning that the vote would be split 3 ways and they would need to secure more than 66% to win. Sadly this was not spelt out in the voting and now closed, they have just claimed the victory and even changed the membership forum to show their names as opposed to mine, it’s a shame that, at the point of writing this, they haven’t even been online yet since taking over!!! Quite how the hell they can answer any questions when they don’t even know what the role involves!! I guess that was just to smack me in the face and say “Stuff you Kaz, We won!!” A tactful changeover, or should that be takeover, would have been a little more diplomatic but I guess that’s not your way!!! Call it sour grapes if you like, yes you’re right it is but as I said I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m unhappy about the way things have been conducted and the fact that the majority of the major roles are now held north of the border by fewer people!! Maybe you should rename the club “Scottish Impreza Drivers Club” As a national club we attended an enormous amount of shows, sadly I feel that major events like Japfest, Rallyday, etc will go by the wayside in favour of northern shows and southern events will no longer be attended by the SIDC. I suspect our new committee members are unlikely to be seen driving all the way down from Scotland to attend! Tell me if I’m wrong!! Anyway, I would like to thank all of the 43% of voters that chose me to continue in the role. I am extremely grateful for your support and kind words. Sadly I am no longer your Membership Secretary and will have no further roll to play in any future of the SIDC. I have no axe to grind with Glyn or Dale, I’m sure they’ll do a great job despite I think underestimating the amount of work involved!! I’m sure plenty of you will have much to say about this post but to be quite frank, I couldn’t care less. I am disgusted in the manner with which this takeover has been organised. Some will say that it was a democratic decision, mmm 2 against 1, I’d hardly call that democratic!! Sour grapes, yep, plenty!! The whole thing stinks! Just to make you aware, there is a Transit load of items that need picking up from Cornwall, quickly!!!! Best wishes to you all, Your ex-membership secretary Kaz xx
  7. hmmmm Glad I dont live in Oxfordshire anymore Hope they find the rogues and chop their hands off Kaz
  8. Definately Cancer Research or MacMillian Kaz
  9. lol defo we will be the way the injuries are going as well, I think we need to pay a trip to the local hospital to pick up some wheel chairs hun lol maybe we can put some nos on them lol See you there Debsp Kaz
  10. Ahh know this too well, I have a 11 month old Tamaskan Pup who likes to investigate any drawer or cupboard that is open..... Considering I am on a few meds my tabs are now in a top cabinet in the bathroom as I could just see Otto being nosey in my drawers and pulling them out!! the monkey he is lol So glad your Pup is ok Kaz
  11. Congratulations to you all Well done Kaz
  12. Yep Kynance Cove is lovely, especially when you sit on the edge of the cliffs watching the basking sharks Well next time ya down give us a shout As for the Stone Henge A303 yep its a dodgy road I know but its so much nicer lol Kaz
  13. Should go the Stone henge road ;-) so much nicer ;-)
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