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  1. MarkJHarris thanks for that mate im on the look out for a 6speed conversion for it as I do a bit of motorway driving
  2. ScoobieFloz- sorry for the late reply only just seen your reply its going in for a remap and health check in the new year so just been getting the front mount fitted and changing the up pipe an cats, I've got 2 stickers in the rear windows so does that mean I get 20 extra or is it still just 10
  3. T5nyw you mean 10 min job which turned into a 6hr job haha
  4. Todays job was fitting the front mount intercooler I bought in the black Friday sales luckily managed to get it finished before the rain passed down but a job for tomorrow or Wednesday is to de tango the lights and paint the insides black Does anybody know the size of the pipe for the recirculation part of the dump valve as im not happy with the old pipe an want to order some longer pipe in silicone
  5. My car has already been remapped mods so far are Filter Cat back exhaust GFB dump valve Will it be OK to fit the front mount
  6. Took the car out for a little drive today normally I only do 8mile to work an back so don't really pay much attention to the boost gauge but watched it for 1st time an its running at 15psi peaks at 20psi then holds at 15psi, does anyone know what power it could be running at its a wrx300 standard is 265bhp am I right in thinking its around 280 maybe a little lower
  7. I've had a few private messages of people asking for sex in a subaru
  8. Having issues with the gauges I fitted the oil pressure gauge is reading 100psi when idling ive got Red to switch live Black to earth Green to sender Sender fitted to the original pressure switch under the alternator Any help much appreciated
  9. Debsp555 it cost a £60 manicure for the boss an a lot of sweets for the kids for a 2 day job just glad removing them didn't damage the paint work which the previous owner paid £340 for the sticker an fitting
  10. Insane clown bloody hell thats not good about the forester never a good thing seeing your old car in a poor state I wanted a blob sti but just didn't have the funds for one an seen the wrx300 cheap so went for that, the missus calls it the mistress the amount of money an time ive spent on it since owning it but she doesn't moan when she's out in it
  11. My plan is to get it running around the 400 mark with a 6 speed conversion but not going to rush it I know they are temperamental as its my 13th one don't know if its stupidityor what keeps drawing me back to owning a scooby, it has its issues but don't they all so want to get it looking and performing well its been looked after there's just stupid little bits thats not been done right im the 2nd owner. Shows an events this year have been messed up due to this stupid virus roll on next year ?
  12. Thought while the sun was out i would swap the gauges the car already came with an oil pressure an boost gauge but they were in bar so swapped them for some gauges in psi (they were straightened after the photos were taken), also ripped out some dodgy wiring how the car has not gone up in flames I don't know live wire from the battery to the gauges rubbing on the body and random wires going from the radio, cigarette sockets bare wires going to know were so spent 3hrs rilping wires out and rewiring the car
  13. The wheels are outlaw wheels thats all I know about them name wise
  14. Yes Debs the car is in your face with the exhaust so didn't want it to be even more in your face with the stickers so they came off with some help from the wife an kids, they loved pulling them off an kept saying makes a change from you telling us to stay away from it haha
  15. But took the stickers off fitted a set of 18s, tein coilovers and spoiler stiffies Next to fit is the GFB blow off valve, k&N off my previous impreza, afterburner exhaust and get it mapped
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