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  1. unity peteborough no contest imo had wheel bearing rod ends and exhaust done there as soon as my arms fixed looking for some more power and unity will do it all ...
  2. just cos it doesnt have a turbo dont be affraid to ask its still a subaru and im sure everyone with any experiance will be more than happy to answer questions about one better to get all the info you can from people that have or have knowledge about a car then buy blindly and regret it so ask away to your hearts content... Louis
  3. Hi there simon yeah was me with the green godess aka classic nice too see you on the forum hope you enjoy it here some great people and tons on knowledge floating about here hiya again spect yeah was good too me you and the lad aswell mate was a ncie event nice subi you got there very clean
  4. sure will be interested to see what he thinks and go from there thankyou
  5. Had a wicked time there was great and well worth the effort! really nice guys there and got the car diagnosed and shown how the subi software works was a real treat:)
  6. agreed i cant even imagine majority of insurance companies even insuring you at 17 these days and frankly the majority of younger drivers would have an accident in an sti without a few years experiance,its hard too appreciate how fast powerful and unforgiving a subaru could be in the hands of someone thats just passed their test im 33 now and i still pay just under 400 to insure it best advise as above get 3-4 years no claims and some experiance 1st then get 1 other wise you cough up a rediculous amount of cash to get it on the road and the chance of a crunch is risky... I started off with mk1 fiesta of all things nova-corsa escort rs turbo bmw then me 1st subi golfs can be fun and cheap and pretty strong cars somehing like an old golf driver if u can get 1 insured still 1800cc nippy fun and practical so too speak?
  7. deinately game here.... would be cool a small convoy :)get those window panes rattling.
  8. i'll be heading A1 north bound from st neots area not sure if rach is going up she's a little south of me and frenchy is a little north of me shrug
  9. anyone meeting on A1 or we just arriving in dribs n drabs? for this one
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