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  1. Hello all. Is anyone around? All alive and well?
  2. Sadly the classic doesnt have full OBD2 compatability which is crap as my dash commander doesnt pick up the car lol.
  3. I will be there tomorrow with my close friend with a Evo6. From the pick up time in the morning he is probably on the MLR or FCM club stand so I will be around lol.
  4. Very good fella! Do you still have your deep red classic? Hope you're well!
  5. If it help's, and I am not sur eon the quality, but I found Euro car parts sell front wings for a reasonable price. (Classic £65+vat new) Thanks.
  6. Hello, Yes I do, I have owned my Impreza since 2007 and don't plan on selling her any time soon. I am currently going through abit of a restoration so she is at least presentable to be on a club stand in the future.
  7. Hello ScoobieFloz. After a siesta of 3 to 5 years due to life I am wanting to get back with in the club scene. Not sure why its like a ghost town however ill be checking in regulary as 2007 to 2010 was from what I remember a very active time. Cheers Ben.
  8. Hi all. Just checking in and trying to become more active now after a 3 to 5 year siesta! How are things with everyone?
  9. There are mixed reviews on chris palmer from what I have heard through the grape vine from different sources. I personally have not used them my self so I cant comment.
  10. Things might be abit slow for me, my lacure is ****ed. And car needs a MOT. I would feel embarrest rocking up with shit paint lol
  11. Yeh I am glad xmas has been and gone. Looking forward to progressing things forward with the car this year
  12. Hi Guys, I know a few years back monthly meets were held in Swindon. Or there abouts. I have recently moved to Swindon from Bristol and wondered if there was any local meets coming up? Cheers. Ben.
  13. Looking clean and tidy! What mods do you have planned for it?
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