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Midweek Mania Meet


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Is the meet at the Windrush Inn that was talked about yesterday still going ahead? I dont want to walk in there on my own, blue oyster bar style!

As far as I'm aware it is. I know Iain can't make it anymore so it'll be two bugs and a blobeye (Will be a first for the majority to be bugs!)

I'm just waiting to find out if the Mrs needs the car though. Should know by 4ish so I'll post up either way... keep your fingers crossed lads! :(

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I just saw Vimmy is up for it as well, so one more for the get together. If your Mrs needs the car, ride the BMX over!

Would do if I could get the kids on there too! ;)

They'll be in bed though so if she does need the car to go out, I'll be house bound... worst case though, there may be a change of venue and we'll rename it 'The Oxon Regional Midweek Mania Meet - on Stu's driveway' :( I'll get some pics of the cars in the twilight was do something special with them in Photoshop! :lol:

She's hoping to rearrange so I should know shortly.

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