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The Project Has Begun!

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Well FINALLY the car is into my mates garage and i have begun to get right in about it B)

Alan Jeffery has built my new CDB 2.1 forged block full of goodies, so just thought i would throw up some picks as i went through ripping stuff of my car and throwing on the new stuff :)

Ready to start


Engine ripped out ready for the strip down


Mate Lee helping me with the strip down so that the heads can be sent down to Alan Jeffery to be checked out and fitted to the new block :rotfl:


Needing a really good clean up!!


New K-spot 8 pots fitted


22mm Whiteline anti roll bar


24mm Whiteline anti roll bar


More pics to come as i fit other goodies just shortly :blush:

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Cheers for all the comments B)

Well today i got the heads all off and packaged up...then sent them away to Alan Jeffery to go over then fit to my new block :) i removed the coilovers from the front and changed the springs from 5kg to 6kg, tomorrow will be putting the 5kg springs on to the back shockers. Got the brakes all bled and a H-brace fitted also, but the H-brace didnt fit great....had to slot one of the hole a bit to get it fitted!! has anyone else had this problem??




sma01.......will keep you posted on how it all goes!! when do u get your car back??


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I used to have one fitted and had similar issues I didnt have to slot the holes but it was a tight fit, I loosened the inner ALK bolts right off and the rear attachment to the arm even then it was tight. In the end I removed it as I expected to have to remove the gearbox frequently and didnt want the hassle of a geometry set up each time the box came out as you have to disturb the ALK to remove the brace ;)

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i agree. and why would you post up a car that has clearly driven through road works and only cleaned the tar off the gucci bits.

good luck with your project mate.

kepp the pics coming. :D

I havnt actually seen any road works where this car is driven but could make an interesting idea ;)

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Well busy day today, removed the rear shocks and changed the springs to 5kg ones, totally re-cooped the rear brakes.....they were all rusted up so cleaned up the discs and sprayed them with clear heat paint, re-cooped the calipers and got it all nice!! removed the front bumper and removed the induction kit from under the bumper along with the intercooler pipes etc.


After it was all re-cooped


Disc's before


Springs changed and all cleaned up and greased


Well tomorrow im changing the clock sprin behind the steering wheel as its not working causing my horn not to work and airbag light to come on also!! Also will be putting heat wrap on my headers and starting cleaning up the inlet manifold etc.


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