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2.5 Block

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hi,has anyone on here used flat4online , i need to order up a 2.5 block they seem to be about the only people i can find that will deliver without wanting to fit it . Any advice would be handy hopefully no nightmare stories thanks


DONT you will end up waiting months. If you are lucky he will have it in stock but that is very unlikely. He will take your money then fob you off for months until he orders one.

Harvey had one for sale over on scoobynet i will have a look and see if i can find it for you mate.

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NEVER buy a short engine from flat4online i paid for mine 2 months ago and its still not here, i made a point of asking before i ordered if its in stock and how long it would take to arrive, he replied yes there in stock and it will take 3 to 4 days to arrive! the status was order recieved for a week, 3 weeks preparing order then despatched for nearly 3 weeks now. he says the courier wont get back to him after trying to trace it? yeah right! and said he would refund me 3 days ago and still no money or engine, plus he never replies to emails. its been a complete nightmare. please do not make the same mistake i did.

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The person is obviously a rouge and local up here too, the detail of that are within the links to a separate website separate from sidc!

This is only one other forum but you get the picture, reading the topics reveal at least 10 other companies all with the same postcode & not just car parts.

If i had handed over money and not had any goods or refunds then i would be a chapping his door

flat4online 1

flat4online 2

flat4online 3

flat4online 4

flat4online 5

flat4online 6

flat4online 7

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He's got a unit in Clydebank.

Why not pop along, if he's got it in stock just buy it and take it away. If not you could end up waiting, so then go elsewhere.

Sorry not much good if your from Somerset like Steve, but it's only 1/2 hour for Kenny.

And after reading the scoobynet posts, it says Flat4 are based out of Unit 7, North Street, Alexandria.

North Street is right across from Hill St, where the police office is.....and I'm usually based!!!

Driven past the units.....they do exist.....but can't remember seeing any obvious signs.

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