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4th Anniversary Of Scoobypedia

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Dear SIDC members,

With the 4th anniversary of Scoobypedia this month, two of which in partnership with the SIDC, we thought it would be a good idea to make a fuss of it in a feature article in our club magazine - TrueGrip. Scoobypedia's knowledge articles are referred to, every day, of every year and viewed millions of times around the world, bringing more visitors to our SIDC.

To help us orientate a potential article and find out what's been important to our members, please feel free to vote for one or more of the above Scoobypedia articles that you've found useful or inspirational over the years.

We've selected a number of articles and split them into four basic categories. Each item in the above poll is a 'clicky' to the underlying Scoobypedia article for those that need a refresher. This is a LARGE poll and to participate you'll need to vote for at least one item in each of the four categories. You may vote for more than article in each category, or select the 'no vote' item for those that have no interest in the category.

Thanks in advance for having your say in our club's knowledge base, let's see what bubbles up to the top :-)

Please feel free to use this thread to add your story relevant to the articles and/or suggestions for new articles.

--Steve. (aka crispyduck)

Poll can been seen here Scoobypedia Poll

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