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I have a impreza 2000 I am looking to get a nu exhaust system and filter and I am lOoking to get the best product available, could I get sum advice on where to start? And where to get them from?

I would recommend either the intake resinator box delete with a good panel filter ie Pipercross or an Apexi Power Intake system, as for the exhaust either the Afterburner Vortex or the Blitz Nur Spec would be my recommendations.

Cheers Iain

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A new exhaust system is a very personal choice as they vary so much it looks and sound. Once you have decided on the look and noise level you want you can check out the systems that meet your needs.

The OEM Sti panel filter is a good upgrade as its dry and Maf friendly.

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Thanks for your advice, would u recommend either replacing the filter element or replacing the unit for a filter? Could I also ask which breaks and pads u would suggest ?

Unless your running a front mount then keep the OE air box and just replace the element. Just a word of warning a lot of elements are the oiled type I'd keep away from these as the oil will destroy your Maf sensor.

I take it your running a classic impreza? What brakes do you have at the moment?

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