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Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate

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I have acquired a mocal oil cooler from one of my mates. However, I need a sandwich plate.

I have found genuine mocal adapters both thermostat operated and non on ebay. Would the thermo operated one be the best to go for, considering our climate? Can imagine it taking a fair while to warm up in Winter!

Mocal Thermo

Mocal Non-Thermo

When fitting one of these I take it the oil pressure can cope ok with the additional capacity? Anyone heard any problems with the mocal sandwich adaptors leaking?

I think it was user called gc8r or similar had a greddy adapter and it looked good quality however couldnt seem to find one online.

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hi mate,ya its me with the greddy oil cooler..

all good made sand plates are good ,its cheap ones that normally leak..

or not fitted propely...... make sure to use some good ptfe tape when fitting them as will..as it will make for a good tight fit


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