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Tomcat 2 Is Very Much Alive

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Cheers to Chris for a wee shot of the Tomcat 2 and she certainly goes really weel for the little amount of mods that you have put on.

AndyF surely can map his ECUTEK car good,runs beautifull and has bags of torque from the standard 2.5 STI setup.

I was well impressed of how lively she is and total effortless pulling herself out of corners because she spools so early ( 1 bar @ 2.6K ).

This makes it so easy to drive fast as you don't need to wringe all the revs out of the engine.Just short shift and ride the torque wave :boldblue:

All in all...RESULT.

Welldone Chris you now indeed have a chariot to be proud of but please get the chassis looked at so you can use more of the power more of the time :P

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glad you enjoyed the wee shot. I must admit it was a bit hairy at points as you rightly say it is a bit lively. I just don't see the point in putting on aftermarket springs when i know the struts will go and will then have to replace them to. I am saving for a set of coilovers which will solve this ;-)

Am looking forward to a pax in your car when it is mapped. I will defo need a change of underpants for that lol


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