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Hi guys need some help with recomendations. I need new front and rear brake pads for my wr1 but don`t know if its best to stick with brembo or change. I was looking at performance friction but don`t know if they are any good, but if anyone can recomend anything it would be greatly appreciated.

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I am using performance friction pads on my race RA with Brembo's. These were recommended by Alyn at AS Performance and after Kames when I used them for the first time in anger I have to say I am impressed. Alyn was doing a group buy on them recently but I dont know if this is still going he does give an SIDC discount though :D

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i would say performance friction pads and discs make no difference over normal Brembo discs & decent pads. Barry & I done a wee test on the stoping capability of the two different types. there was nothing in it.

Absolute nonsense :(

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Have been running Performance Friction discs & pads for a year now with the brembo STI calipers and the difference is night and day compared to the standard brembo setup.

Have had comments from AP 6 pot users that I have better stopping power than some of their setups and most of them plan to move to PF discs and pads next time.

Also another :( for Alyn at ASP.

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