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Needed - Plumber, Builder, Roofer

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We are looking for the cheapest quote's for the following job's and I would like to cut some costs with helping with the job's if possible and we could get some of the supplies are self,:-

1) Radiator of wall due to brackets holding it coming away from wall - Corgi registered please

2) Garage roof - the whole garage roof is so rotten it would need to be re boarded and then felted again

3) Back porch area - We believe this may need to be ripped down and replaced with a new porch - it would need a new back door but i would hope to purchase this before a new brick structure went up. A flat roof would be required on it as need to keep as cheap as possible.

4) Upstairs toilet does not flush - New flush required we think

5) Shower leaks - new washer required

If you could help at all we would eternally grateful, but as i have said we are looking at cheapest quotes

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