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Oz / P1 17" Tyre Sizes

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Quick question.................

I have a set of 17" STI alloys on my 98 classic atm. They are wearing 225 x 45 x 17 rubber, however the car has been lowered 45mm and the wheels / tyres have been "squeezed" under the arches by the previous owner, to the point theres only around 2-3mm of a gap from the inner part of the tyre and the suspension strut!

When driving over some bumps etc at speed the outer part of the tyres are rubbing on the wheel arches despite the fact they have been modified.

I have a spare set of OZ alloys from a P1 which were wearing 205 x 45 x 17 rubber. I tried them on the back of the car the other night and the never caught once and took all the bumps etc that the other wheels wouldnt. These are about to be sent off for refurbishment, so my question is, what would be the max tyre width they would take? I recon they are not rubbing the wheel arch due to a different offset, just wondered what would be the best set up, especially from anyone else running these wheels.

Any advice appreciated


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