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Alrite Sparks how are you mate? I just thought i'd fire a post up here to see if anyone wanted the challenge of keeping up on the way down :whistle: ,im not a man to be late or miss anything usually!!!!!......of course only to 70mph B) well until the snooper gets swiched on and then we'll be going foo-kin-quik!!!!!!!!!!! how long are you at sea for?

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I'm good thanks mate.. Thankfully only another week here then I'll be home again and back in the Scooby! can't wait.. there's not much makes a car feel more rapid than not driving it for 7 weeks!

Unfortunately the already-limited driving skills suffer a bit as well! ach well can't have it all.

Have a good one down south mate. :whistle:

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I was going to, but I never landed in Aberdeen till Half 10, then by the time I got in after having to detour to the parents house, it was really late.

I considered just driving down, but was waaaaay too tired, and I still am, but now, I wouldn't be ready before around 9... I might have made it to Glasgow, by about 11am, but there's no danger that I'd make it to Chester. :whistle:

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