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Help With G/box Codes

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hi folks, looking for some help.

my gearbox has goosed its front diff. and ive looked for another box, however Ive been told that i need the same code or confirm the final drive.

My box code is TY752VRCAA. Which i believe to have a final drive of 3.9. now to me and what ive read its the same on most off them. however not sure how reliable the info is http://www.iwoc.co.uk/impspec2.html.

so ive sourced a box out with the code TY752 VZ3AA. does any one know what its from as i cant seem to find the code or info any where.

also if its from a 1.6 (as thats the feeling ive got)would it work on mine if i had the rear diff? oh mines being a 20ltr sport.

cheers in advance for any help

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ive read alot about the final drive having to be the same. So am i correct in thinking if its 3.9 as mines it will work regardless of what impreza its from? and is it the rear diff thats affected if i choose a different final drive?

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