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Bhp Jap Edition

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The long awaited and needed Jap car show in the S.E of England has arrived…

BHP Jap Edition

With show session drawing to a end, BHP Promotion’s brings you there final show of the year. Taking the winning formula of 2009 to our final show the BHP Jap Edition. So what can you expect to see…………………..let me tell you

First and upmost is the amazing track action we have seen here all year at the home of the BHP Show’s, Lydden Hill Race Circuit. And this instalment will be not to be missed. So what do you like…….Drifting…….yep got that, with the best of UK talent from series such as BDC, JDM Allstars, etc and this no demo is this high speed full circuit drifting. Ok so you like racing lines…..how about 1000bhp skylines, 700 Scooby’s etc see some the UK fastest and best known track and road cars tearing up the tarmac. So from drifting to rallying, circuit racing to rage buggy if it Jap or Jap powered we will have it to see.

So you have filled your boots with the track action and your think “I want a go” well you can because not only do we run 4 hour’s of demo’s during that day we also has 4 hour’s public track time. Book in advance and it’s £15 for 15min’s (£20 on the day) and you can prove how fast your car is.

So maybe your car’s not ready yet for the track…….maybe the traders can help you with getting your car ready, we have some the UK’s top tuner’s and retail’s here on the day to help you up your game.

So what else do you need at a car show…………inspiration maybe, well we have that to in our individual and club stand area’s. With every different type of Jap machinery being represented you will be sure to find a few idea’s for your car.

We even have a kid’s area with bouncy castle’s and face painting so you can bring all the family.

So get on it asap, www.bhperformanceshow.com and get your club, individual, track time forms today and don’t miss the first ever Jap Show in the S.E of England.

The BHP Jap Edition


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Quick update on the show.

Sva Imports world famous 350z will be here destroying many a set of tyres, Also on the SVA stand see two time attack vehicles’ and the new R35 GTR.

Need bits for your car….see tommy from INVO Auto and his wide selection of parts for many car makes,.

Have your shoot at the Lydden Hill circuit with the public track time hours but book now to avoid disappointment and if you do hit the tarmac the boys and girls from Photography UK may just have the top shoot of your car going round the circuit on the day for you take home. Tracktime is open to non jap cars but these cars will be parked in a separate area alongside the show.

Hit the clubs for idea’s and chats with the like of GTROC, MR2 OC, Japworxs and many more.

Your club not coming but you do wana show…….no problem. On the day we have a special jap car area put aside so anyone that turns up in the pride and joy can still be in the show and be entered into all the prizes available on the day

Want to know the BHP of your car…swing by the I A Motorsport rolling road and see what you have under your bonnet.

So don’t miss the first ever Japanese Car show in the S.E of England

BHP Jap Edition, Lydden Hill Race Circuit, the 19th of September.


Closing date for all forms is now Tuesday the 15th of September.

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col if your clutch has gone you can take the japworx van round lol

cheers swifty :lol: the van will prob be quicker :P

just to let everyone know whos going, if you do track time you can take a passenger

in your car with you :lol: i spoke to jay from lydden today :o but they must be over

sixteen years of age.

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i got one for sale col exeedy uprated with helix friction plate good for 450ish 5 speed

cheers :(

ill cut your grass for 6 months

wash & polish your car 5 times

clean your windows 4 times

cut your hair 3 times

do 2 days work

& have 1 day off.

mine only does 250ish :lol:

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cheers :lol:

ill cut your grass for 6 months

wash & polish your car 5 times

clean your windows 4 times

cut your hair 3 times

do 2 days work

& have 1 day off.

mine only does 250ish :D

Col_2, Eureka has a 40 bedroom Mansion so you may wish to remove the window cleaning bit. :D

Does the car cleaning only apply to Subaru's and not the DARK SIDE? ;)

He's got no hair. :(

It now sounds like a deal.

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