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  1. about time too m8, at least its running now
  2. he does seem to struggle getting the newage's in at the mo, but his cars are he had just sold a 22b when i called in, for 22k and was shipping over to belgium, so there well known all over the world.
  3. maybe a silly one, but does anyone know if a 2001 wrx power steering pump is the same and will fit a 2004 wrx ?????????
  4. its about time we got this fitted ???????????????
  5. where did you get the switches from Granby seem to be the perfect size for the job.
  6. Cheers m8, at least it wasnt mine lol
  7. hi everyone just wondering if anyone has bought a turbo from this company. just seen a bit too cheep to me td06 16g Cheers
  8. seems a bit cheep, anyone had any dealings with clicky Cheers
  9. thought i would add a picture of my current engine bay too.
  10. i think the best pic is the seconed to last one
  11. never really posted any pictures of our cars and weve been working on them for some time..............so here goes thanks for looking, all comments welcome
  12. cheers did not want any problems caused will see everyone at the meat tonight
  13. this is the email i havr sent Rice Rocket becuse of all the problems caused dear Rice Rocket i am so sorry for this misunderstanding, im afraid dury the snow we had down here i had a family member pass away due to a motor incident. i am and honest and huge scooby fan. i will post your item to yourself, and for good will, i willrefund you half the money. i am sorry for any problems caused. please accept my forgivness many thanks chris i will also post this on the general foram
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