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Spark Plugs

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Changed the plugs in the 05 Jdm Sti .Took a 1hour or more to do .Had to walk home and get a long 3/8 drive extension for the two 12mm bolts that hold air box down and a telescopic magnet droped the 1/4 drive and 12mm socket on the top of sump gaurd .I was using the 1/4 drive for the coil pack bolts .Worked round the washer bottle could not get the other little multi plug of so left it in the bolts are 10mm at the top.Job done managed with a 70mm extension could of done with a bit longer .Did this in a darkish garage with a torch in some places .Plugs were not that tight just slackened them same with coil pack bolts and screwed them out with fingers same with plugs .Inserted new plugs and i did not have rubber insert in the 16mm / 5/8 plug socket .The plugs went in easy screwed in by hand using plug socket and extension then nipped up with 3/8 drive ratchet .Question for you lot see using millers octane booster when i took the PFR7G out they were a orangey/brown colour is this normal the has been remaped for V-power but i am using millers ob in the warmer weather.It was a easy enough job but a bit sore on the back was going to use copper slip but did not have any .PFR7B plug was what i used and the gap was 0.70 out the packet checked the PFR7G and the were the same gap size

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