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Lets Keep It Safe Out There!

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This passed week I have lost a friend in a fatal car crash on the M8. Most will have read of, or sat in the huge tailback after "that" Lamborghini crashed earlier this week.

I live in Renfrew Ferry Village which is just behind Xscape@Braehead. At 10 o'clock I heard a lot of Ambulance, Fire and Police sirens whaling up the road. Leaving to pickup my girlfriend from her PR job at 11 I found that, next to the newly built Porsche garage were 3 cars. One was on its roof, the other IN the Porsche Garage and another having its roof cut off to save the occupants inside.

Having had a crash as bad as this, not too long ago all I can stress is please slow down. These crashes devestate lives. I still find it difficult clambering into the cockpit of a Scooby. There seems to be a trend of youngsters spending thousands of pounds on cars, modifying, installing I.C.E and paying for expensive paintjobs for the car to end up in the pedestrian walkway outside Braehead upside down. On the way OUT of town yet another car taking a bend too fast and ending up in the central reservation just coming off of the Kingston Bridge. This is happening far too often.

I started this thread to say, please before you decide to take "that" chance overtaking, or get ratted off because your forced to undertake, just think of the "what if" nagging in the back of your head and remember that as quick as you make the decision to carry on with the intended manouvre, it can be all over in a blink of an eye.

This week ive had a great loss. It need'nt have happened.

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The other thing about making quick decisions to do something "dodgy" is that someone else may well be thinking/doing the same! Recently I had just overtaken a car and was moving back into the inside lane when a nugget in a corsa decided to come up my inside instead of wait till I got out of the way. Thank god for him that I was in the Scoob, realised he was there and booted it out of the way coz a merc had already got his nose past my back end and the road was not wide enough for three. At the time I was accelerating through 70 off a roundabout - too impatient the lot of them.

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